[heading_title_subtitle title=”Dog Grooming” subtitle=”When you bring your pet to me, it is important we do more than just make your pet look the part. I am based in beautiful Ottery, and cover Ottery St Mary and all the surrounding areas.” title_color=”dark_title” border_color=”dark_border” subtitle_color=”dark_subtitle”]

How we Work

The Salon area is hygienically cleaned thoroughly between each dog and at the end of every day.

Our Pricing

Is determined by the size, breed and temperament of your dog, as well as the condition of its coat.


I offer a puppy introductory groom, to help them get use to the salon, so it all becomes second nature.

[heading_title_subtitle title=”Our Services” subtitle=”A well groomed coat means we get up close and as part of this process, we give your pet and visual health check, to look for ticks, dry skin, lumps or grass seeds in paws, thing may not notice in day to day life.” title_color=”dark_title” border_color=”dark_border” subtitle_color=”dark_subtitle”]

Bath & Tidy Up

This involves a bath, brush and a basic tidy up around the eyes, hygienic area, nail trim and ear clean.

The Full Groom Experience

This involves a bath, blow dry, brush and full new haircut, depending on coat types and breed. This would be a full clip, or part clip and scissor. It also includes a nail trim and ear clean.

Puppy Introduction

This involves a gentle bath, brush and a basic tidy up around the eyes, hygienic area, nail trim and ear clean. Then I slowly introduce the puppy to the noises of clippers and hair dryers and the salon environment. There will also be play time involved as above all, it needs to be a good experience.

Hand Stripping

This is for wire coated breeds, when the dead coat is carefully removed, allowing for new hair to grow. This process takes longer than a normal clip.

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